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Chikunto Activities

Chikunto Safari Lodge offers a range of unforgettable safari experiences and activities tailored to suit your time and interests. From game drives to walking safaris, our well trained safari guides will will take you on a memorable journey of discovery.

Game drives

We offer day and night drives as part of your stay at Chikunto Safari Lodge. From our special location in the South Luangwa National Park we traverse the hidden world of the Luangwa valley. Our safari drives provide wonderful opportunities for you to experience this feted safari destination.

Thrilling night drives offer a rare insight into the unique behaviour of the resident nocturnal species. This time of day belongs to the predators; we may see lions hunting, leopards stalking or hyenas scavenging.

Walking safaris

South Luangwa National Park is the birthplace of the walking safari.

Our walks can start in camp or, alternatively, let us take you on a safari drive into the bushveld to seek out a more remote area to explore on foot.

Walking safaris offer you a peaceful encounter with the bush allowing you to appreciate the full scale of the ecosystem and your place within it.

Engage your senses by taking in the range of sights, sounds and smells along the mighty Luangwa river.

Emerald Season and River Safari Activities

November through March is known as 'emerald season' in the South Luangwa National Park. This is when most of the annual rainfall is received and is a particularly beautiful time of year.

February through April we like to explore the Luangwa River by boat. The lush, green landscape supports specific fauna and flora; birders flock to the Luangwa Valley during these months.

Discover the delicate relationship between the ecosystem of the Luangwa valley and its surrounding communities.

Chikunto Safari Lodge, South Luangwa National Park - home to unforgettable safaris!