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About South Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa National Park, situated in the Eastern Province of Zambia, a one-hour internal flight from the Capital Lusaka to the local airport of Mfuwe, has rightfully earned its reputation as one of Africa's premier national parks. The story of this 9,050 km2 park, Zambia’s premier National Park, is woven into the fabric of African conservation and showcases the beauty of its diverse ecosystems.

It was in 1938 that South Luangwa was declared a game reserve by the British colonial authorities, recognizing its ecological significance, with one of the park's defining moments occurring in the 1950s when visionary conservationist Norman Carr pioneered innovative wildlife protection strategies, including the concept of walking safaris. His efforts laid the foundation for sustainable tourism and the preservation of South Luangwa's unique flora and fauna.

Today, South Luangwa National Park is celebrated for its incredible biodiversity, including over 60 animal species and over 400 birdlife species. The park, known to many as the Valley of the Leopard is especially renowned for its large populations of predators, including lions, wild dogs and the eponymous leopards. In addition, large numbers of elephants, buffalos, hippos and a variety of antelope offers visitors unparalleled opportunities for wildlife viewing.

South Luangwa's commitment to responsible tourism and community engagement ensures that the park remains a model for conservation and sustainable development and firmly cements its position as one of Africa's premier national parks and a must-visit destination for any nature enthusiast, photographer or wildlife lover.

The South Luangwa Seasons

There is no ‘wrong’ time to visit South Luangwa National Park, with each season having its own attractions: The Cool Dry – mid-to-late-April / to late-July; the Hot Dry - August to October; the Early Rains – early / mid-November & December and the Peak Rains - January to March.

At Chikunto Safari Camp & Lodge their Emerald Season runs from mid-February to the end of May, with a combination of water-based and land-based safari options available (subject to water levels) with fabulous light conditions and an ideal time for ‘birders’.
For details on your preferred dates or for a more detailed description contact Chikunto directly.

The peak safari season runs from June to the end of September, with what is known as the ‘shoulder season’ running from October to the middle of November. As the Luangwa River starts to dry the concentration of animals around the dwindling water sources grows ever higher.


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